Tuesday, May 20, 2008

YAY. update.

So I´m finally updating for real. I got back from the waterfalls last Monday. Isabelle, another exchange student that I had met in BA in Feb. stayed for a few days in Neuquén when we got back. But I had to go to school anyway :(

So, school. It´s pretty frustrating. I still can´t do everything normally. Not even close. Not that I enjoy writing essays or anything, but I really really want to be proficient enough in Spanish to be able to do it. Yesterday, I took the Geography exam. There were four questions, and I had 70 minutes to answer them. How many did I answer? 2. Two essay questions in 70 minutes might not seem terribly bad, but my answers weren´t that long. Grrr.

And I think I might have failed Chemistry. The first test we took I scored a regular, which is like a 5 or 6 out of 10. Yeah, I know, not very impressive, but I beat most of class, the majority of which failed straight out. And today we had another test. So last night I studiously put myself to work, memorizing stuff about polar molecules. And I had everything down.

So today, I went to take the test, feeling all confident-like, and the teacher hands me the test. And you know what?? It wasn´t a test on polar molecules. It was a retake of the stuff from last time. All of which I had already forgotten. So I think I might have failed chemistry this semester. Great. And I only have one more month to un-fail myself.

Anyway, I´m going to post some fotos to make me feel a little better.

The first one is of me, my class, and the cake they bought me all together :). Just for fun I´m going to name them all. Ok, so you have me in the far left, and from left to right, Ticho, Facu, Oso, other Tincho, Fern, Anto, y Jimena. Oh, y Cony is inbetween Facu and Ticho, in her own little line. The next row is Silvina, Lorena, Lu, Jennie, Fabiola, and the other row is Noelia, hugging Nanu, Dalila, and finally Sophi. For some reason though she is really bright and you can´t see her face....

The next fotos are of my fam. I don´t remember when the first one was taken, but I just had to post it....

My host dad, with me in the background. Can you believe that sometimes he is actually serious??

This one is my brother, Martin. As you can see, he is quite special.

That´s my hand too. I don´t know what I was doing. But I think the better question is, what was he doing...?

This one is of me and Vicky. She used it for her fotolog profile pic, so I figured I´d post it as well. You can also see Negrita in the middle. She is sticking her tongue out.

This last one is of a fraction of the group in the viaje al norte to Iguazú falls. I´ll try and post more fotos of the falls later, because they are abosolutely gorgeous. Here we are in this foto, from left to right, Mizuho (Japan), Paige (USA), Nina (USA), Me (USA), Anita (Australia), Katy (USA), Margaret (USA), Isabelle (USA), and Rita (China). That day all of the exchange students went to Brazil to see that side of the falls (Brazil and Argentina both share the national park and there are waterfalls on both sides). But apparently Brazil hates the USA, Japan, Australia, and China, because we needed special visas to go, which we didn´t obtain. So we went back to the Argentine side of the falls, which we heard after is the better side :). Igual, I really reallyreally wanted to go to Brazil. And that night, after everyone got back, we found out that they were going to go back that night because there was some kind of traditional dance-show thing. Which we all couldn´t go to still...

......And you know what??? Blogger won´t let me post the foto. Let me try again.
Wooo! It worked. So here it is.

That´s all for now. Don´t forget to comment!!

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Bryce Ferguson said...

So you have no idea how jealous I am of you right now. It looks like you're having the time of your life. You're going to be pretty much fluent in Spanish by the time you get back haha. Anyways, when exactly are you coming back to America? :( Hope you have funnn