Friday, March 14, 2008


Hola a todos! So finally I am able to upload some fotos. Because blogs are no fun to read without fotos :-) My host dad had to take my camara to work and there they took out the chip and put the fotos onto a portable USB. And now I have fotos!

The AFS chapter meeting was really fun, even though a few of them didn´t come :-( We had tennis lessons at this club which was pretty fun. I forgot to bring my camara though... I met some of the kids who had already been in Argentina, which was really cool. They were all really good at Spanish, but they had already been there for 7 months. Now I´m sad that I won´t get to stay for a whole year... Anyway, tonight I´m going to an AFS exposition in Plottier, and I´ll bring my camara to that.

This week I missed two days of school because I´m sick...I went to the doctors today, and it looks like I just have a cold, so hopefully it will blow over soon. Especiallly since I´m supposed to be going out tomorrow night with some other girls in Quinto. Usually I feel really bad when I miss school because I have to make up work and stuff...but not here because I know at least 2 of my teachers didn´t show up for class, because today everyone got out at 11. And I don´t have to make up work here anyway yet because I cant do it...Hopefully I´ll be able to do the work soon and understand everything. Biology is really a killer in Spanish. And so is Economics.

Anyway, with my extra free time yesterday I went to the centro with Vicky and her friends, which are really nice. I have some fotos of that as well. So, without much further ado, here are some fotos!

Everyone in Buenos Aires

I´ve just discovered that it takes forever to upload fotos from this thats the only one for this post. To see all of them go to
Besos until next time,

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Mom said...

Sweetie, I hope you are feeling better. Thanks Andres for figuring out how to convert the pictures, they are great. Thank Lorna or taking care of you for me! Lots of Love, Mom