Tuesday, July 1, 2008


So I have less than 24 hours left in Argentina.

Right now im in a cyber because they cut the internet in our house, the peopole are comin g to fiix it next week. And I won´t be here next week...

I´ve been feeling lots of really strange emotions lately, mostly I think it´s that I´m trying not to think about haveing to leave and blocking it out. I can get really upset on the plane. Or something.

It´s about 3 riht now and I´m about to go to Flor´s house. I think we´re going to go downtown foor my goodbuye ceremony -thingy. I still need to buy yerba and alfajores. And spanish style cards to play Truco. No one knows how to play truco in america though....

Ive decided that AFS shouldnt be allowed to offer semester programs. Because you don´t actually figure things out until after 4 months. And I don´t mean cultural things (although it can take awhile to understand that too..) I mean things about life. I think ive learned quite a lot here. And now I have to leave understanding only half of everything. Great.

Tomorrow I´m going to school right before my flight to say goodbye to everyone. Crap.

Oh, and I borrowed my familys cam and took pics today and yesterday. Yesterday was my lasat day of pe and they gave me a going away paarty.

I´m really erally really goingto miss my friends. AArgentineans are just different than americans. Not that one group is better than the other, its just that you have to have both because theyre completely distinct.

This was probably really random, but I don´t care. Ijreally exhausted and I ahve 40 of travel to look forward to.

And what if Aei, Firn, and Anita don´t go to the ariport to say good bye?? And Mizuho y Phyliss?? xq a la fiesta de despedida ibamos a juntarnos, pero al fin no fui, and no me despedí de ellos :((

I really hope I can come backbefore they all leave....

Oh! And someting really important happened last week. I went to the kiosco to buy credito the other day, and when I walked in Marta took my hand and told me, ¨Last week when you didnt go to the asado,I really missed you. There was something missing. I want you to know that I really love you, and when ever you can come back we´ll take you in. I love you. ¨And I walked out of the kiosk crying. It was a good cry, I think.

Ok, have to Florss house!

We´ll all be seeing eachother way to soon:/